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Brow lift surgery is performed to improve eyebrow height and rejuvenate the eye appearance.

A brow lift is carried out to reduce the signs of aging, and refresh the appearance of the face.

Patients often describe a constantly ‘tired’ appearance. This is due to gradual weakness of the forehead muscles. It can also affect the position of the upper eyelids, and result in a ‘hooded’ appearance.

There are various surgical techniques which can be used to improve brow position. These range from combining surgery with a blepharoplasty (via the same incision) to direct procedures on the forehead. The approach varies from patient to patient and is discussed during pre-operative assessment.

How long does brow lift surgery take?

Surgery can be performed under local anaesthetic, or with ‘twilight’ general anaesthesia. The procedural time is approximately 1 hour.

Care is taken to hide the surgical incision within a natural skin crease or within the eyebrow hair line. Small sutures are used to close the skin.

Serious complications from surgery are rare. All risks and benefits of surgery are discussed at a pre-operative appointment.

"Elizabeth performed blepharoplasty and a browlifton me 7 weeks ago at the Cadogan Clinic and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. She has done an exceptional job and I cannot recommend her more highly. She clearly explained the procedure always answering any questions and put my mind at ease pre and post the operation."


It is recommended to plan for 1-2 weeks off work following surgery. During the first, it is important to rest with the head elevated and use regular ice compressions. Sutures are typically removed at day 5-7. Most patients return to a normal lifestyle after 2 weeks, but this may vary on a case by case basis.


Surgery is very effective in improving the facial appearance and reducing signs of aging. In severe cases, surgery can improve the field of vision.

Most patients are happy with their results, and the vast majority will not require a second operation.

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Right direct eyebrow lift and bilateral upper eyelid blepharoplasty

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