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What is a brow lift?

A brow lift, also called an eyebrow lift or forehead lift is a popular procedure for patients wishing to reverse signs of ageing on the forehead, eyebrows, and eyes. The procedure aims to restore the natural appearance of the eyebrow height. This smooths out forehead wrinkles, rejuvenates the area around the eyes, and restores the brow line’s natural shape, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Why undergo an eyebrow lift?

Brow lifts are usually performed for aesthetic reasons to improve signs of ageing. Patients typically contact Miss Hawkes when frown lines, ‘drooping’ eyebrows, or loss of the brow’s natural arch occur, resulting in an aged appearance.

However, a patient may seek an eyebrow lift to improve peripheral vision when drooping eyebrows affect their eyesight.

How long do results last?

A brow lift is a long-term procedure with excellent results. It can provide a more youthful appearance by lifting the soft tissue and skin of the forehead, eyebrows, and eyelid area. However, the effects do not last forever. Several years following the surgery, a forehead descent may recur.

However, most patients do not undergo a second procedure because they are happy with the initial results.

Why should I choose Miss Hawkes for my brow lift?

Miss Elizabeth Hawkes is a consultant ophthalmic surgeon, oculoplastic surgeon, and experienced cosmetic doctor. Natural enhancement of the face and eye is paramount to Miss Hawkes. She boasts an extensive knowledge of the forehead, facial and delicate eye areas. Miss Hawkes provides all treatments in a safe, clinical environment.

What cosmetic concerns does a brow lift treat?

A brow lift can address several cosmetic concerns:

Forehead wrinkles

Over time wrinkles can appear, caused by muscle activity or other factors. A brow lift surgery can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

‘Drooping’ eyebrows

The eyebrows can begin to 'droop', causing a loss of contour in the natural brow arch.

The appearance of excess skin

A brow lift can help reduce excess skin of the upper eyelids caused by the descent of the brows.

Brow Lift Before And After

Client brow lift before photo

Client brow lift after photo

Right direct eyebrow lift and bilateral upper eyelid blepharoplasty


Happy patients

Elizabeth performed blepharoplasty and a brow lift on me 7 weeks ago at the Cadogan Clinic and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. She has done an exceptional job and I cannot recommend her more highly. She clearly explained the procedure always answering any questions and put my mind at ease pre and post the operation.

May 05, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr Hawkes is available to address your inquiries. Should you have questions, we kindly invite you to reach out.


Are there any risks or complications with an eyebrow lift?

Severe complications are rare. Patients may experience bruising, scarring, swelling, numbness and general discomfort post-operatively, as with any cosmetic surgery.

At what age am I eligible for a brow lift?

There is no specific age for eligibility. Most patients are over the age of 40. However, younger patients unhappy with heavy brows or deep wrinkles can be candidates for the surgery or other non-surgical options.

Can other procedures be performed with a brow lift?

A brow lift can be performed alone or in combination with other cosmetic facial procedures, such as upper eyelid surgery or lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). Upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty are surgical procedures to improve the cosmetic appearance of the eyes and face. In suitable patients, the result of the blepharoplasty can be enhanced with the addition of a brow lift and vice versa.

Does a brow lift leave scars?

Scarring from brow lift surgery is usually minimal. However, the type of procedure and technique will affect the extent of scarring. Scarring should fade within 18 months.

Does Miss Hawkes perform revision surgery?

Miss Hawkes is frequently contacted by patients for an opinion having undergone surgery elsewhere. She encourages patients to bring as much previous information as possible, and will offer a surgical option if she feels that is appropriate for you.

How do age changes occur around the forehead, brows, and eyelids?

The most common reason for a brow lift is to correct signs of facial ageing. Forehead wrinkles, ‘drooping eyelids’, and a diminished brow arch can give the face an aged or tired appearance. Although this typically occurs in older patients, it can also occur in those who are younger.

How do I wash after a brow lift?

Refrain from showering for 14 days post-procedure. 7 days after surgery - Use a gentle shampoo to wash your hair. You must thoroughly dry your head and hair to avoid bacteria that can cause infection. Please take care with heat when drying. It is better to blot your scalp, hair, and face with a soft towel rather than rub vigorously.

How is a brow lift performed?

Various surgical techniques can improve the brow position. The approach varies from patient to patient, and Miss Hawkes will advise you of your options during the pre-operative consultation.

How long before I can return to work?

Plan for 1-2 weeks off work following surgery. Rest with the head elevated and use regular ice compressions during the first 72 hours. Most patients return to a normal lifestyle after 2 weeks.

How long does brow lift surgery take?

Approximately 1 hour.

How should I prepare for my eyebrow lift?

  • Stop smoking. Smoking reduces blood flow to the skin and can slow healing.
  • Refrain from taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory medicines, blood thinners and herbal supplements. Please do not take them 2 weeks before the surgery as they may cause excessive bleeding. Miss Hawkes is happy to discuss your individual requirements with other doctors to achieve the safest balance between her surgical requirements and your underlying medical conditions.
  • Make post-operative period support arrangements. Plan for support during your recovery and for someone to drive you home from the hospital and stay with you for the first night of your recovery.

Is brow lift surgery painful?

Brow lifts should not be painful, but you can expect slight pain and discomfort for a few days post-procedure. Miss Hawkes will prescribe painkillers for this period, if required. You should not self-medicate with aspirin or ibuprofen as they can increase bleeding and bruising. Swelling and bruising on the forehead and upper eyelid are expected but should subside within two weeks. Temporary numbness may also occur for a few months after the brow lift.

What happens during a brow lift consultation?

Before any surgery, you must attend an in-person consultation with Miss Hawkes. Miss Hawkes will inquire about your general health and medical history. She will discuss the typical risks and benefits with you and assess if there are any additional risks associated with the surgery. Miss Hawkes will then inspect your face to determine the best type of surgery. She will also advise you about potential outcomes to set realistic and achievable goals.

What happens during the recovery period?

Recovery from an eyebrow lift depends on the technique used and varies from patient to patient. However, Miss Hawkes recommends that patients plan for 1-2 weeks off work following surgery. It is crucial to not shower for the first 24 hours after surgery. You can expect minimal discomfort for 24-48 hours, but you can ease this with simple painkillers. During the first 7 days, it is crucial to:
  • Rest with your head elevated.
  • Use regular ice compressions.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise, and heavy lifting.
You will typically have your stitches removed 5-7 days post surgery. Scarring is minimal and usually fades within 18 months.

Who is a candidate for a brow lift?

Good candidates for a brow lift include individuals who have:
  • drooping eyebrows that make the face look old, tired or sad
  • drooping eyebrows that impair vision
  • hooded eyes
Miss Hawkes will determine your suitability for a brow lift during your pre-operative consultation.

Will I need to wear a bandage after a brow lift?

For the first 24 hours, please continue to wear your bandages.

Will the incisions be visible?

Miss Hawkes takes great care to hide each surgical incision within a natural skin crease or within the hairline. Tiny stitches are used to close the skin, and scars are usually minimal, fading within 18 months.

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