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Surgery to improve eyelid position

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Ectropion (turned out eyelid) and entropion (turned in eyelid) are conditions that are best managed by an oculoplastic surgeon.

The position of the eyelids is important since they act as a pump to sweep tears across the surface of the eye. Eyelid laxity from aging weakens this pump mechanism and often results in malposition of the eyelids. Ectropion is the term used when the eyelid turns outwards from its correct position. Entropion describes an eyelid which has rolled inwards and causes the eyelashes to painfully rub on the eye surface.

How long does Ectropion and Entropion treatment take?

There are a number of surgical techniques to correct ectropion and entropion. Surgery usually takes 30 minutes (one eye) or 60 minutes (both eyes).Surgery is usually performed under local anaesthetic and small sutures are used to close the skin.

All risks and benefits of surgery are discussed at the clinical consultation.

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It is recommended to plan for 1 week off work following surgery. Sutures are typically removed at day 5-7.


Surgery is very effective in improving the eyelid position and associated symptoms.

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